The Defense Technology Innovation Association works with and/or is in ongoing contact with many associations and related organizations that share the same wider vision and goals for fostering a robust, committed innovation community supporting the defense enterprise. Among these organizations are the International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAOIP), the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA), or the Information Technology Acquisition Advisory Council (ITAAC) and others. The DTIA mission is in parallel with these other organizations and mutually supports a shared vision for the future of the robust growth of the wider defense innovation enterprise. While each of these organizations utilizes different methods and models to pursue differing goals, our shared vision incorporates many parallel efforts.

The DTIA engages in strategic alliances with other associations so as to pursue our wider shared goals, and thereby expand and improve the Defense and Intelligence National Security Innovation Enterprise for the benefit of the United States, coalition partners, and allies.

Other Innovation-Related Organizations and Defense-Related Associations include the following:

Current Full Members of these associations and organizations may enjoy discounts on membership fees in the DTIA as well as participate in special events that are organized between them from time to time to discuss opportunities and develop new pathways to creating innovations and new relationships to better address the goals of the defense enterprise.

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