Key Goals of the DTIA

  • Expanding the Defense Innovation Community. Fostering the robust expansion of the defense-focused innovation community, also known as the Defense and Intelligence National Security Innovation Enterprise, and enabling easier access to key information regarding the needs and evolving requirements of the national security enterprise. This includes fostering a better understanding of the innovation goals and innovation scouting challenges faced by the US Department of Defense.
  • Increasing Professionalism and Capabilities Among Innovators. Supporting organizational growth and expanded professionalization within the innovation community, particularly (though not exclusively) as it relates to defense and national security. Thus, this enables the membership to better comply with US acquisition laws and regulations, and comply with processes to better administer, finance, and manage contracts and grants, SBIRs, and other common DoD and IC contract forms.
  • DTIP Future Technology Forums. Establishing a streamlined process for members, whether for individual innovators or innovation companies, to bring forward their innovations and developments and hold presentations to the Department of Defense through the DTIP’s Future Technology Forums (FTFs). The DTIP runs its FTFs in conjunction with the Office of the Secretary of Defense and other defense and intelligence community organizations.
  • Two-Way Communications Between Defense and Innovators. Creating an active, two-way information exchange with communications between the public defense enterprise and the private innovation companies and innovators. In this manner, innovation energy can be better focused on the needs of the Department of Defense and in ways that better meet the stated goals of the National Defense Strategy. This effort will help foster channeled and managed growth of the Defense and Intelligence National Security Innovation Enterprise to greater mutual benefit.
  • Sharing Best Practices and Member Coordination. Creating forums for innovation companies and innovators to discuss innovation practices, challenges, and programs and to share best practices, address emerging innovation challenges, and better manage innovation energies toward shared goals – a shift from purely competitive relationships to team building and cooperative enterprises between and among members.

Benefits and Programs for the Membership

  • Quarterly Technology Review Panels. Holding quarterly technology review panels, essentially a rapid pitch series of ten minute technology introductions by members of their emerging technologies and efforts, from TRL 3 to 9. Summaries of the breakthrough innovations are then forwarded to the Department of Defense for review and decision as to whether to proceed to the next step in a government-focused evaluation process through an FTF. This process is designed to scout out innovations that would otherwise go unnoticed and which would directly enhance the capabilities of the warfighter.
  • Innovation and IP Code of Conduct. Developing a dual purpose Code of Conduct for: a) the ethical handling of proprietary information and inventions, whether or patented or not yet patented, when working with both private and public institutions, within and outside of the Defense and Intelligence National Security Innovation Enterprise; and b) the security-minded protection of innovation information, including proprietary information that, while unclassified or not yet classified, may be of interest to foreign powers and/or adversaries for which the distribution may harm the national security of the United States, NATO partners, ANZUS, and other multilateral coalition and allied bodies.
  • Innovation Investment Code of Conduct. Developing an Innovation Investment Code of Conduct that defines ethnical practices for investment and loan programs, standardized engagement structures for investors, and other components designed to help curtail predatory practices while enabling investors valid oversight and confidence that the innovators and innovation companies they fund are committed to shared goals, ethical business practices, auditing in compliance with international standards, and improved financial management. This includes programs involving the DoD Marketplace.
  • Access to Investor Funds for Defense Innovation. Offering and coordinating a direct line to funding sources, including angel funding, venture capital funding, and other business loans and funding methodologies that enable innovators and innovation companies to meet with investors and grow, thereby bringing the most viable innovations to life. This is accomplished through a series of scheduled virtual Investor Roundtables.
  • Events and Seminars. Holding events with government and private industry speakers on defense-focused innovation, national defense strategies, and matchmaking with capital sources to help develop and mature promising technologies, as well as fostering knowledge among the membership on how to work with the government, qualify for contract and grant funding, and develop products through other acquisition authorities and CRADAs, among other instruments.
  • The Innovation Cafe. Conducting regular virtual cafe meetings among the membership to foster collaborative brainstorming and “visioneering” to seek new answers to challenges, both previously unresolved and new issues emerging from the changing global situation, that face the DoD and IC. These Innovation Cafe sessions will be centered on topical areas that defined by the DoD and IC and provide a forum for deeper examination of topical issues where solutions have proved elusive.

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