If you are interested in participating in these Innovation Advisory Boards (open to Innovation Companies, Innovation Companies, and Government only), send an email stating your interest and qualifications to: boards@defensetechinnovations.com.

DTIA IP Code of Conduct Advisory Board

Mission: Developing a dual purpose Innovation Code of Conduct for: a) the ethical handling of proprietary information and inventions, whether or patented or not yet patented, when working with both private and public institutions, within and outside of the Defense and Intelligence National Security Innovation Enterprise; and b) the security-minded protection of innovation information, including proprietary information that, while unclassified or not yet classified, may be of interest to foreign powers and/or adversaries for which the distribution may harm the national security of the United States, NATO partners, ANZUS, and other multilateral coalition and allied bodies.

DTIA Ethical Investment Advisory Board

Mission: Developing an Innovation Investment Code of Conduct that defines ethnical practices for investment and loan programs, standardized engagement structures for investors, and other components designed to help curtail predatory practices while enabling investors valid oversight and confidence that the innovators and innovation companies they fund are committed to shared goals, ethical business practices, auditing in compliance with international standards, and improved financial management. This includes programs involving the DoD Marketplace.